Steel Roofs?

So, check it out. I went climbing you can see from the picture. I wish this picture was actually a video so you could see how the higher I went, the slower I climbed. Why would I climb slower at the top you ask? No, not because I was tired. Because literally the further up you go, it turns into a blazing furnace much like the feeling of the inside of a volcano. Wish I was lying. I'm talking like a 10-20 degree difference in temperatures here. I would reach back to try to chalk up my hands that were on fire and as soon as I would pull my hand out of the chalk bag the chalk would form into greasy watery goo and slide right off. I managed to make it to the top and then was lowered down and I asked an employee why the top of the wall is on fire and he told me that it's because the outside of the building has a STEEL roof. In columbia. In the summer=death. By the third or fourth route, I didn't even have the motivation to reach the top because I knew I was in danger of getting a heat stroke up there. Major fail on the builders part if I may say so myself..however, I imagine that it worked me out a lot harder than it would have otherwise. It was still super fun....except for all the wasted chalk.