Boys boys boys.

It's funny how all your friends can be in relationships (usually bad, pointless ones) and yet those of us that are single still end up occasionally feeling envious that we don't have somebody and they do. A portion of my friends are in awesome relationships (D & Rami, Mandy & Sam) and those are the ones that I love to see grow. But speaking of the pointless "college dating scene.."..Since I've been old enough to date I've been through some REALLY rough situations and relationships. and also some pointless ones...have I learned from them? Of course..but would I take the things i've learned along with those relationships over going back and not having them at all? Heckkk no. So my conclusion is--why waste any time. At the same time, while feeling somewhat confident that God has the perfect person for me, I can't lie to myself and act as if I don't wonder who it is. All I can do is pray for him and be sure that God's timing is best. And whenever I do meet the right person and decide to start dating..I would have had all this time to tell him that i've been single because nobody else was worth dropping anything to date..and he is.