I don't want to sound spoiled. So as a preface: I am VERY thankful and blessed to be able to use this kind of technology to keep in touch with friends, family, and mostly Chris when I have to be living two hours away from him at this moment. Seriously..I always get that whole "well at least you dont have to write letters back and forth" comment from people. But for me...well..besides that fact that I DO still write letters....I can appreciate both sides of the story. See, no matter how wonderful it is to be able to talk AND see the person youre talking's extremely more painful than lets say..a letter, phone call, or even a text. Because then when faces like this:
happen, you don't get that gut wrenching horrible feeling in your stomach knowing that there is nothing you can do at that moment to ease the stress of being away from someone you love. I also don't mean to say that I wish he would just be perfectly fine and only express sadness when i'm not staring at him through the screen. Seeing this reaffirms the fact that it is obviously painful to be away from each other....and for that I am thankful to you, Skype. I guess what i'm trying to thankyou, and, also, you make me extremely unnecessarily sad regarding this already sad situation. Chris Tate, when you look this way..there is nothing that I want more than to jump through the screen and hug you. And knowing that I can't is not a fun feeling at all. I MISS YOU. This on the other hand:

that's a bit better. ;) Doesn't completely cut it..but what can ya do. (5 days!!! <3) So, in conclusion...I love and hate you, modern technology. You are oh so convenient and so very torturous at the exact same time. And yes, I really do enjoy writing letters..and I hope that I will continue to do so forever. Long live ink and parchment.