I'm turning 21 this year (that's weird and awesome.) I'm dating the boy i'm going to marry (that's weird and awesome.) I'm significantly more confident in what the next portion of life is going to be like (in contrast to the 'flashlight holder' entry..which is weird and awesome.) God, I pray that you would not let me to fall into complacency as I am more aware now of where I'm headed. Keep me in your shadows so that I may live this part of my life out only by fully trusting in You. As much as we complain sometimes about being so uncertain of where You are leading us..I feel that it is one of the most beautiful characteristics of how loving You are. So thankful..

Considering how much harder this semester is going to be, especially being separated in distance from my best friend in this world..and because of that..feeling that loss of half of me......I need You that much more. Just by bringing this blessing into my life, i'm being shown that nothing will ever take your place. Even through missing such a huge part of my life now..i'm having to rely on you more than ever. That's awesome.