Automatic Door

Since childhood, i've (not kidding when I say this..) always thought for a brief moment when walking through an automatic door.."man, what if this thing didn't open..I would probably just keep walking.." It's been this private little random thought that exists only in those times where I spend those few seconds walking into big stores or malls..just a silly thought that's there for a second and forgotten the next. But we put so much faith in automatic doors..just sayin'.

Think about's not like you see people coming to a complete halt before continuing on their way as it gracefully slides open..we keep our pace, believing that these doors are going to serve their purpose in these technologically advanced times.

Yesterday, thanks to Target, this daydream of mine became a reality. Yes, the auto-door failed, and I ran into it.

And this is how small pointless daydreams turn into reality and then slide into day to day anxieties. Do you think my automatic door experiences from this point on will ever be the same? No, no they will not.