It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

I need to document this..for my memory's sake. Chris and I decided that since we're in a long distance relationship, the anticipation and anxiousness as it gets closer to when we get to see each other is like the worst kind of torture. However, once it's the day before..we just start freaking out. We came to the conclusion that the day before is like Christmas eve..except way barely fall asleep, can't concentrate on any one task, etc. So the day of arrival is like Christmas..except since it's usually in the evening once we are's like Christmas eve on crack because we know we get to see each other but we still have to wait practically the whole day.
So 2 days ago was the "eve." I posted on his facebook "CHRISTMAS EVE!!" in a completely silly joking way..(we know..we're retarded.) he writes back...

"Twas the night before The One, when the whole apartment was numb.
Everything was in silent anticipation for when she would come.

The ingredients for Chex Mix™ and banana [buh-nan-uh] bread were spared,
That the deliciousness of the final product could soon be shared.

Visions of being locked with those bright, keen eyes
Realities of hugging Pure Joy, confined by arm ties."

(Chris, I know you're going to read this..I hope you won't be embarrassed hahaha)
But seriously, I must say, it was just so adorable..that it needed to be documented.
I love you SO much! :)

Also, "Christmas Day" was complete bliss. We giggled and stared at each other for like 3 hours until we were able to compose ourselves and act like normal human beings.