Bridge Run 2010

Bridge Run was a success! My legs are extremely sore.

Lessons learned:

Take training more seriously next year.
(At least I now have a time-goal in mind, though I'm not too disappointed with my time this year....mostly because of the next lesson learned....)

Try to avoid camping out the night before. We were supposed to stay at a house, but circumstances changed and we camped out at James Island in hammocks. SUPER fun, SUPER comfortable...but not necessarily ideal pre-10k run.

Be more aggressive when it comes to slow people.
I was a bit too lenient with the runners in the way..I mean there are 40,000 of them. I could have cut a lot of time off if I had not waited for the "best" opportunities to slide into wholes in the crowd. Gotta just push through.

It was so fun though!! I'm so glad we camped, even with what I said up there. The jungle child in me can't seem to resist a good sleep under the open sky. I SO wish I had gotten around to seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in a while from back home (Emma, Michael and Dan, various Holy Cross-ers...) But it was also nice to get to stick with the Tate family.

Next time I'm down there I'm makin' the rounds! ;)