Things i've been taking for granted lately (that i've noticed)

1. My glasses-I forget how helpful they actually are until my head starts hurting from straining my eyes all the time because I don't wear them enough.

2. Water- I know, i'm not trying to get all environmentalist on ya souls..but if I were to have an alter ego, it would probably be an environmentalist hippie (not liberal though, sorry) Actually though, in all seriousness, at heart I do have a strong passion for countries without clean water (and the 4,000 children that die a day from not having it) so we'll see how that plays out in my future. ;) (Chris, we might need to build some wells somewhere.) Everyone should watch Summit on the Summit where a group climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro to bring awareness to the issue in parts of Africa. I don't drink water enough even though it's free, clean, and effortless to get a hold of.

3. The kind, gentle-hearted, yet protectiveness of my boyfriend-It's hard to not "expect" certain behaviors from the people you love once you get to know how they operate. Recently though i've tried to really be thankful for all of the little things he does for me that I take for granted, especially from long distances away. He really is my best friend and the kindest, most caring person I know.

4. My littlest brother-Since we are so far apart in age, I was at the end of high school and starting college away from home when he was really getting to the age where he has his distinct and more mature personality. (By mature I mean he's only in 5th grade, but the boy is awesome.) Lately i've been running the dam with him roller blading by my side--and he provides hilarious conversations on a pretty strenuous four mile run. It's not like talking to other 5th graders where you have to keep asking questions to keep the conversation going..he's just fun to be around.

These are just a me, there are more. It's nice to think about these things every now and again...get things back in perspective.