Tim Burton

Tim Burton is my favorite director/writer/producer...I know, I'm not some weird, dark, emo type person, but he's genius and ridiculously imaginative. Anyways, it seems that people either love him or hate him (he has had 16 Oscar nominations for all you hatas out there..)--never the less, I found this (negative) parody and still thought it was funny:

Oh, and good news (for me and all you Tim Burton lovers..) His 2013 project is the Wizard of Oz. Can't. Wait.

Tim Burton FAVES:
1)Edward Scissorhands
2)Big Fish
3)Alice in Wonderland
4)Sweeney Todd
5)Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
6)Beetlejuice (Remember that one!? Classic.)

And for the record..No, he did not do Coraline. Can't stand that movie.