Love this.

Someone very dear to my heart that I fell in love with at camp is named Amelia. She is pretty much the true meaning of a soul sister to me, and even though we haven't kept up like we should recently..I think about her every day. Mainly because she carved this amazing piece of wood for me that is hanging on my wall and is one of the first things I see when I wake. Anyways, she wrote this recently and I just love it....I guess you could say it is her reflection looking back on her first year of college. If only everyone could be so insightful so early on. Enjoy.

"1) There is a lot I don't know.

2) Even the things I think I know about, well I don't actually know that much about.

3) Wikipedia has changed the world.

4) Literacy is about as necessary as food, water and shelter.

5) Pride is not just something the prideful deal with.

6) Pride destroys.

7) Neither formal education or experience should ever be elevated over the other. Both are of equal importance and equal value. However; both can be invalidated if you don't make use of them.

8) A lot of things I've always considered 'wrong' have more to do with stylistic preference than ethics.

9) There is a fundamental difference between the things you believe because you've been told to believe and those that you actually believe because you believe them. Jesus asks Peter in Matthew who Peter says Jesus is? Jesus doesn't care what others have said. He only wants to know who Peter says He is. Later in John Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him. Peter responds automatically. Jesus asks again. Peter responds again. Jesus asks yet a third time, changing the kind of love He is questioning. Peter gets sassy and says with extra emphasis yes. Presupposing the supremacy of Jesus as God you would think that Jesus already knew the answers to all those questions but he asks them anyway. If this is the assumption we can also assume that the inquiry of Jesus was more for Peter to develop a further understanding of his own belief than for Jesus to affirm Himself. There comes a time in every individual`s life where they address those same questions whether they acknowledge it or not. I thought I knew who I thought Jesus was. Then I realized that if I really believed Jesus was anointed my life would look a lot different. The move towards that is happening. Digesting deep, spiritual truth is not glamorous. Sometimes I say it hurts like Hell. But really, I don't really know what Hell actually feels like so when I say it hurts like Hell I actually mean "it hurts like what I would think Hell would feel like."

10) I always knew music was powerful. But furthermore, it heals. Seriously. If you don't know what I'm talking about you aren't listening to the right stuff."

Beautiful. I love you, Amelia