This is a post about hand soap.

I've always known that scents are one of the most powerful resources in jogging specific memories of past experiences. It's like wherever you are, in whatever situation you're in, the scents around you label themselves with every specific detail of your life at that exact moment, and then they etch themselves forever into your soul for you to discover at later times. This phenomenon led me to experience one of the most nostalgic moments that I've had in a very long time. I happened to be at work, and went to use the restroom, and then went to wash my hands. The soap looked like normal liquid soap that you would see in any bathroom. I started to wash my hands and suddenly, I was flooded with memories of elementary school, before fourth grade (I know this because fourth grade was in a trailer, and we didn't have that kind of soap in there.) It had to be third grade or below. I envisioned my classroom, my desk, the rack of coat hangers on the wall that served as backpack holders, and even the "pod" of classrooms that surrounded mine. And of course, the bathroom, where I washed my hands with the very same brand of soap, fourteen plus years ago.