What world am I living for?

So, I was working for this company for my not-so-serious summer job, when without telling us, the lease ended and the plans for renewing the lease were...yep..not happening. Little did I know this information, and considering I had been with the company for about three years, I assumed they would at least tell me so I could start looking for another job sooner than JUNE.

We all know what happens when we assume.

So, I have officially been affected by the terrible economy that hadn't affected me personally until just now. I realize that while summer jobs aren't that serious, it did come at a very inconvenient time considering I was trying to save extra money to pay for wedding festivities this coming up year. I officially can't imagine what it would be like to lose an ACTUAL job that supports an entire family. This also makes me realize how little I've been depending on God for any part of my "income." Since I made hardly any income as it is (minimum wage) I never really thanked God for the opportunity to work that job in the first place. Now I don't have it, am not making ANY money at all at the moment, and wondering how I'm going to have any 'extra' money next year at all.

Through prayer and talking to Chris, I am trying to settle my anxiousness, and my terrible attitude that I'm pretty sure my mom is getting tired of...
Chris told me something so simple yet so uplifting and reminded me that I "have to remember that no money I will ever make is going to affect my eternal life, but the way I respond to these situations could." AKA, stop being an idiot, and start trusting God like I am supposed to be doing.

I look at Chris' attitude about anything he earns, and then at how God has blessed his business...and that in itself is reason for me to count my blessings, I get to spend my life with my best friend..and what a solid man in Christ he is..no amount of money could outshine that blessing, especially a silly summer job.