I love the fall in Clemson. I don't like when the fall turns to winter, but I won't get ahead of myself..I'm going to enjoy this time away from the heat. Biking to class looking at the leaves changing..wearing sweatshirts and jeans..not walking into class dripping with sweat.. :) ahh, so good.

I especially can't wait to go apple picking again. Nothing says fall like fresh picked baskets of apples and smelling the freshly made apple cider that they make right there at the orchard. Yuuuummmmmy.

Plus, THIS fall I have an engagement party, and wedding dress shopping to look forward too. Best fall ever? I think so.

And speaking of fall, Chris and I went to the "Awaken Fall" retreat with the Resonate group from Greenville this past weekend. Two houses on the lake. five boats. tubes. sun. water. and Jesus. Lots of Jesus. We hard core dove into the Holy Spirit..or he dove into us? Both I guess. It was much needed. Amazing, indescribable worship in the attic of the house. And the greatest part was seeing my fiance worshiping next to me, complete sold out for God. Eyes closed, hands up, singing his heart out to our amazing Father. Breathtaking..I will never forget it.