Finally a weekend to relax!

My weekends have been PACKED with plans since the start of the year. And it has been so fun. BUT, I have also been in great need of a weekend filled with....nothing. This weekend is that weekend. Last night, I purposely did not have plans. My brother came over, I cooked him dinner, and we watched TV and talked together until about 10:30.

All my roommates are gone this weekend so I have the apartment to myself (which is kinda scary but I'm not thinking about that part of it.)So this morning I woke up to no alarm, no roommate noise..just myself wanting to wake up.

I drank my coffee, watched the news, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and then had this weird desire to pre-make part of a recipe that I've been craving for dinner. I saw a different version of it on TV somewhere, but I wanted to use the ingredients I already had so I just kinda threw this salsa together into a bowl that I'm going to put over some baked chicken later. To say the least, it's filled with tomatoes, cilantro, sweet onions, green onions, bell peppers, lemon juice, and...apples. I'm not usually one of those people that takes pictures of the meals I eat, but I just may have to for this guy. It's tasting and looking pretty delicious.

Basically, this weekend is wonderful..and it's going to get even better tomorrow when we go apple picking=apple crisp and apple pie aromas are about to be all up in this place for a good while. :) And I refuse to start studying for Tuesday's exam until later on Sunday.

Chika chika yeaaaah.