25 days till Christmas!

For once in my life, the Clemson exam scheduling elves have smiled upon me..no exams passed Wednesday.

When it gets to Friday, it's depressing, cold, and lonely, because such a huge chunk of students are gone before them due to having all their exams earlier in the week..Clemson without students is so eery.

However, Christopher did not have such luck..in fact, he got the complete opposite. His last exam is Friday at 7 PM which happens to be the very last testing time. Therefore...I'm staying in Clemson and bringin him on home with me Friday night so we don't have a repeat of last year with him stranded by himself in the deserted campus, it was incredibly sad.

In other ridiculous Clemson news: Parking services gave me a ticket. Oh but wait, I parked in the right spot, as I always do..and have done every school day since August. Yep...nobody here is surprised. But instead of them "waving" the ticket..I have to go through the trouble to appeal it on my own. How do you appeal a ticket for parking in the right area? Not sure. Thank you, Clemson Parking, thank you.