For my Psychology class, one of my assignments was to take a personality test and then have someone that knows me take the same test while answering the questions for me. I was really curious to see if my perceptions of me and Chris' perceptions of me were going to be the same (or at least close..). The test analyzes you based on NINETY character traits, and when we finished...the top ten traits I ended up with for myself were the same as the traits Chris ended up with for me. The best news=it looks like Chris is actually marrying the person he thinks he is! (Haha..totally kidding..although I did entertain the idea of what would happen if mine and his results for me were completely different.) Anyways..I'll attach them here. The first picture is from the test Chris took about me and the second are my results from when I took it.

If you're interested in taking it about yourself, here's the link! Have someone close to you take it about you and see how close they come out! :)