Skiing the Wolf

I was rereading an earlier post of mine when I realized that I mentioned the possibility of skiing over the break...which I did. I figured I should write about it, so here I am.

We skied Wolf Ridge up near Asheville, about an hour and a half from Chris' house in Taylors. I must be spoiled from skiing Sugar and Beech..because it wasn't the best. I was with awesome people which always helps, and the memories were worth the sixty dollars in my opinion..but the layout of the runs didn't make much sense, the slopes were packed, and they didn't have a good range of slopes in terms of difficulty..they were either really easy, or pretty hard. Oh, and they had the lift chair speed set so slow you could nap waiting in line...or on the way to the top.

All in all it was fine for a day trip...Sugar would have been a waste because of the commute, but what can ya do? Consider yourself up to date with Wolf Ridge skiing conditions as of the end of 2010. You're welcome!