I hate to write about this "holiday," because for very many years I never enjoyed it. So, to all of you who are single, don't celebrate it, or just plain don't like this holiday--I completely understand. However, Chris took the opportunity of this day to make me feel like a princess! Anyways, the place we went to for dinner is worth talking about because I've never been anywhere like it.

We went downtown Greenville to a place called the "Rio Grille," which is supposed to be brazillian style food if I gathered my information correctly.
We were seated and asked if we had ever been there, and both had the hostess went on to explain how their restaurant works. Basically, the only menus available are drink menus which add on to the flat rate bill that you pay for a fancy "buffet" style meal..

But the catch is--the buffet is basically a whole section of just sides and Hors D'Oeuvres. You go up, get whatever you want from there, and then sit down and flip this two sided coster-like thing to the Green side. This means that the waiters will start coming out every minute or so with a different kind of meat. They bring it to you on this shaving stick, ask if you want a piece of that kind, and if yes-they shave it right onto your plate. At this point, you can either flip your "coaster" to red to let them know you want to wait a while before they bring you a different kind, or keep it on green so that they will continually come to your table with different types of meat. (You can guess which color Chris wanted to keep it on--He didn't want to "miss out" on any opportunities ;)

We were incredibly confused at the we had to flag down the hostess to explain what were supposed to do again...then we got the hang of it and were able to continue going up to refill our sides and hors d'oeuvres to go along with the meat they brought. They continued bringing out anything from flank steak to top sirloin, to brazillian sausage, filet wrapped in bacon, ribeye, lamb, and even pineapple coated with cinnamon and 10-12 different types of meat.

It was crazy. After a while I was refusing anymore food and Chris went right along with his green side of the coaster facing up. :P It was a neat experience, I definitely would love to go there again.