40 days, no coffee, one Big God.

How did this happen? How did something as small as coffee threaten my dependence on God for my every need!? As a college student--I'd say sleep and energy are of vital importance. And, frankly, ever since I was..oh..say...12 I've been highly in love with coffee. I've gone without coffee for a couple days. A couple days of which were accompanied by headaches, a brain that couldn't stop thinking about the delicious beverage, and a zombie-like Jordan that struggles through the simplest of tasks.

Yes, it's that bad.

So I went to the place I never thought I'd go when it came to lent this year. That's right. In the past, I never grasped the significance of 'giving up' or even adding on something good. This isn't a resolution. Not that I ever thought it was, but I never dared really giving thought to where my dependence lies for my daily "needs." We live in the land of plenty, where there is a fix for the slightest of problems. (Who needs to pray over a headache--I've got a cabinet full of tylenol!) These little things are a blessing, but they are NOT necessities. Coffee, for me, feels like a necessity.

Luckily, God is way more powerful than the strongest cup of coffee I've ever had. He is the source of my strength, energy, and life. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was looking forward to drinking coffee again--but hopefully it will be through renewed eyes.

Day 2. Still alive, barely awake, but I am dependent on Him only! Bring it on.