Alright, alright 30 days...

All my friends have been doing this 30 day challenge. I need a study break, my blog has been stagnant lately, and so here's
to the latest trend...

DAY 1: Picture of yourself with 10 facts about you.
1) I am a Senior at Clemson studying Sociology and Psychology--and I LOVE it.
2)I worked as a camp counselor at Crestridge up in the mountains of NC for 2 summers, and they were the 2 best summers of my entire life.
3)I have three brothers, one older, and two younger who act like they're older. ;)
4)I am getting married to my best friend and the most wonderful man I've ever met in less than 2 months.
5)I'm obsessed with Coffee. Literally. Been hooked since age 12.
6)Camping out on the weekends in my hammock is one of the most wonderful things ever..especially with a fire nearby.
7)I designed my wedding invitations and I'm excited that nobody else in the whole world will have the same ones!! It's very rare that I am proud of my artwork--these turned out so cute though.
8)I have to brush my teeth using hot water..such a weird quirk.
9)I finally got the tattoo I've wanted for years now! Yes, it hurt. I wouldn't say I'd never get another, but I'd have to want the same thing for a couple years before I got it.
10)I'll always be a beach girl at heart, but love an occasionally trip to the mountains.