The Merge

I always used to make fun (lightheartedly) with my Mom about how she changes her blogs about every week.... ;) And then I realized that I should actually be looking to her for advice considering she is way more loyal to writing than I have been lately. I guess I've finally started to settle down and I've been craving some time to write about life and my experiences lately. All this to say, the other blog I had going for Chris and me is now going to be merged into this one.

I tend to over analyze everything, mostly including my own habits, words and actions. I came to the realization that having two separate blogs-one dedicated to Chris and I, and then one random one dedicated to just me was kind of making me feel like I have some sort of split personality. Clearly this is completely ridiculous, and blogs should never have this kind of aching affect on the mind...but I will be the first to admit that I am just that type of person. So here it is, I won't be updating that one married life, my hobbies, my interests and random thoughts are all apart of the same life (duh.) So they will all be on here.

This should also spare some people the time of reading overly mushy and affectionate rantings about how much Chris and I love each other. [Don't worry, it may show up here and there occasionally...;)] But for the most part, I hope to be able to keep this up more regularly about life as a whole. It does wonders for sorting through and letting out my thoughts.

This silly, unnecessary blog transition could sorta be some kind of symbolic interaction of my new life as a Tate merging together with the rest of my life until this point..but really that's only for those of you who feel as though reading this is a waste of time unless there is some sort of deeper purpose within these paragraphs. So there you have it. I'm a Tate now, yet I used to be a Calamas. My past and present are so different, yet so intricately and thoroughly combined to have shaped who I am today as a wife and daughter of Christ.

And that is how you make a post say absolutely nothing, yet something profoundly special at the very same time. Really though, if you need a good read, my mom's blog is always short, sweet, and simply wonderful..go catch her there before she changes it! ;)

[Love you, mommy.]