A theme very very present at our wedding. And obviously so, as it is the theme of marriage in the Word and the profound mystery that Paul likes to discuss. What's one awesome thing about this equation? Often times, (and by often I mean every time) Chris and I feel the same "calling," even if it doesn't occur at the exact same time. This is proof of the fact that we are two people, but one in God's eyes..and we believe that He will call us accordingly.

That being said, we both have a HUGE calling to a country far from here to do a specific work, and that's all I will say for now. We both feel it, and it is scary, and maybe it's not for the near future. Maybe it's for three years later, ten years later, we don't know. Right now we're making some effort, and seeing where it takes us..we aren't going to force this, nor will we be completely passive. But we know that doors will open at the perfect time.

Cheers to finding the key to the door, and welcoming the adventure waiting on the other side.