Dear Husband,

I love how easy life has been with you thus far.
I love how kind you are, and how you don't force me to jump out of bed right when the alarm goes off like you do. (How in the world do you do that!?)
I love how you make me coffee when I need it the most.
It cracks me up how you dance all the time, it usually is one of the best parts of my day. I hope you never stop doing that.
I am encouraged by how deeply you love me for me (even when I'm sure that the me that I am is not good enough.)
On that note, thanks for keeping
I love how you pray with me through the hard times, and how you praise God with me through the good ones.
I think it is incredibly attractive that you know how to fix ANYTHING and everything.
I love how you like to read what I write and hear my inner most thoughts!
I adore how excited you get to go to the pool with me. (And I'm thankful for all of the floaties you have purchased for us thus far.)
I love how you sing all the time, especially when you don't notice that I'm listening.
I love how I can't ever get tired of spending time with you, even when I "need" my alone time, I still think about you during it.
I love how you make that frowny face like you're going to miss me when I tell you I'm going on a run just for a few minutes.
You're cooking skills amazing me still, even after 3 years of tasting your delicious creations.
I love how the only thing we watch on our television is a silly show that we are helplessly addicted to. (I also love how we don't have cable.)
Remember that time before we were even dating when I had a splinter in my foot but you couldn't get it out without tickling me? I love that memory.
I love when you do "that laugh."
I love how every time we hug you say, "We should do this more often."
I love watching you play the drums/djembe. You make a silly face sometimes, but you're beats are so legit.
I love your compassion for helping others and I love how excited you get when you talk about creative opportunities to serve.
I love how this list would go on infinitely if I didn't stop myself. You are truly an amazing man and God has made you so beautifully and wonderfully. I can see Him in you daily in the way that you love me, and I am so thankful that He has brought us together.
Your wife.