First day of CNA lab

Today was the first day of CNA lab, where we learned all of our nurse aide skills on several plastic mannequins named Mr. Jones and some other lady whose name I can't remember. What was disturbing is that Mr. Jones had a female body. More disturbing was when I was changing Mr. Jones elastic stocking, somehow his head was violently separated from his body. The mannequins seemed used to all sorts of shocking events as their mouths are permanently fixed open and they have a deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes.

And then there was Mrs. Mae, the 69 year old nurse who co-teaches the class. At first impression she seems like a sweet old grandma. But out of nowhere, she explains that we have to be prepared for the demands, such as "where have you taken my husband you B!@&H!!" or 90 year old female residents trying to feel up the male CNA's. You know. Just the usual at the ole nursing home.


Correction: May is 79. SEVENTY NINE. that lady has no shame.