Love [will] Win.

Rob Bell's "Love Wins" has been on my heart lately. Ever since I began reading it, I just have had an unsettling issue with it. My friends and I discussed, however, that one of the main problems is that it seems to (unintentionally) create a sense of lukewarm, Christian passivity that really discourages us from seeking our purpose during this life time. I do not believe that this was Bell's intention. In fact, aside from this book I am a fan of him and his works. My issue with it has developed as I have looked into the bible for support to his claims....and haven't found much. So either one of two things is happening: Bell's understanding of scripture is far beyond what I can comprehend and interpret.....Or it has swayed from what truly is written in black and white [and red] due to a longing for a God that operates under our own desires.
I came across this video that sums up my thoughts better than I can, and then I'm not spending any more time on debating this particular issue. Let's turn the focus from the line of salvation and keep the focus on the actual Word. And most importantly--love.