What a poop Monday.

Wanna hear a stupid story?

My STUPID wisdom teeth have decided that they would like to come in right now (as opposed to earlier in the summer when I didn't have summer class and CNA and could have easily scheduled an appointment to get knocked out, had some teeth taken out, and then had Chris care for my pitiful, pain-medicated self while I healed for a few days.

Oh no. Now is the time they'd like to make their painful appearance through the thick gums in the back of the mouth. Did I mention (or even need to) that pain in the back of the jaw=pain in the inner ears? Why does that happen? Just for kicks and giggles I suppose. Knock me while I'm down.

So I wake up (after sleeping terribly due to my stupid wisdom teeth popping through my gums all night) and I decide that this day is going to be a complete and utter waste if I don't take something for the pain. Well I had two options: tylenol pm to put me in a zombie-like state in which I would be in while trying to study and complete my assignments for my online class (hello, D quality work) OR take excedrin which is equally as annoying as it is extra-strength and therefore loaded with enough caffeine to keep a narcoleptic up for 4 days.

Considering I needed to get my work done, I went with the excedrin. And then I decided to become the idiot of the century and drink coffee because I had just woken up and the excedrin hadn't taken effect yet (so I forgot I even took it.) GENIUS.

= caffeine freaking overload.

= I'm never hungry when I'm highly caffeinated.

Too much caffeine, empty stomach, lots of work to do, know I need to eat, not hungry anyway, I'll just start my work.

By this point, the caffeine is at its high and I feel like my head is going to explode or my heart is just going to decide to stop because it's mad at me for forcing it to act as if I've consumed a great deal of cocaine. (Isn't that the one that speeds up your heart? I don't know. I don't do drugs.)

STUPID. Well, I desperately wanted at least some of this caffeine to exit my body so I thought I could at least drink 17 gallons of water and see if that helped. It did. But then I still wasn't hungry yet needed to eat because I knew my body needed sustenance. I settled with toast and nutella (breakfast of champions, but more like lunch) and tried to listen to my lectures while my hand was trying to write faster than my brain could comprehend the information, leaving me with notes that look strangely similar to my dad's handwriting (sorry dad.) (Thank you, caffeine.)

Needless to say, what I had to look forward to once the miserable caffeine high ended was (you guessed it) more mouth (and ear) pain!!

I hate you, wisdom teeth. You are no longer welcome here and therefore the first chance I get, I am going to rid myself of you. forever.