New found appreciation..

I've got one. For people who have lost their hearing.

As of right now, I can only hear out of my right ear due to this VERY awful ear infection that I got, which started from a not-so-painful swimmers ear and progressed into a beastly infection that decided to take over my left ear.

To be honest, I feel very defeated right now. First it was my wisdom teeth, now it's my ears..two of which I think are the most painful areas to feel pain. Mostly because they are on the head. And jaw pain/ear pain almost guarantees head pain and bad sleeping due to the fact that you won't be able to roll over onto the affected side. :(

I really really want to keep a positive mind. I won't let this get me down..especially right before school/work/internship starts. However, I really really think it's AMAZING that people lose their hearing completely and go on to learn an entirely new language from the ground up. I just feel so helpless and pitiful, and I'm totally not acting like myself..mostly because I can't hear whats going on, and its pretty painful so Chris has been doing everything around here. When I'm down, I'm usually down until my situation gets better, and that is not a good quality to have. It's so hard for me to see outside my circumstances, so to hear stories about people that persevere after ridiculous accidents (lost hearing, eyesight, limbs, etc) really motivates me to step outside of my circumstances. It definitely could be worse.

I can't say I've made it that far. I still feel pretty bummed. Especially because I start work today doing after school counseling and I want to be able to pour out energy on these little guys...guess I'll have to tone it down until I'm fully healed. Prayer would be much appreciated. Here's to hoping these antibiotics kick in sooner than later.