This is was my coffee pot. I can't decide what is more tragic..the fact that the pot is broken to a million pieces, or the fact that there's a whole lot of coffee wasted on the floor.

At one moment, this guy was sitting perfectly on the counter. Then my butterfingers decided to pick it up and let go of it. Then I just stared at it in this condition....for a really long time.

Chris dropped what he was doing (not literally, thank goodness) and picked up all the glass (what a man) and I contemplated getting out the other coffee maker until I realized that that is ridiculous. Because I don't NEED the coffee. Jeez. What a stupid hold it has over my mornings. (Flashback to lent?) Anyways...The other coffee maker is for my brother. Because I don't need two.

My morning took a turn for the better when I realized that when we got to raid the Hayes kitchen [see Pantry Makeover.] we got like a 35 year supply of every kind of tea you could imagine.

Then I remembered the super legit chai tea that our friend Leah's mom made us..and sure enough I found enough chai tea to last us through at least 3 winters. or summers. or falls. (When is chai tea NOT good!?) Plus, we make it with almond milk since we're lactose intolerant..and I'm pretty sure its EVEN better. Just sayin'. Try it.

I must say, looking at the coffee maker without the pot is just kind of sad. But waking up and drinking chai just feels really really good. Plus, Chris seems to enjoy it as well! Bonus!

I don't WANT to be dependent on coffee. In fact, I don't want to be dependent on ANYTHING materialistic and non-God related. So even when we get our replacement decanter, I'm going to try and switch it up. Yes, I realize tea is still caffeinated. But it's NOT coffee. Baby steps.