Wish we had kept a nursing home quote book...

that's okay. Hopefully we'll remember more.

R: [to Chris] why did you have to shut my door?
Chris: because we have to help out your roommate and he needs the door shut for it
R: Well how am I supposed to see your pretty wife walk down the hallway with the door shut?
Chris: HEY! You can't be lookin' at her! She's my wife!
R: Well too bad she was holding my hand earlier today.....

What a flirty con-man.

W: [who has dementia] I'm about as lost as a mockingbird with its tail cut off.
Jordan: No you aren't, Ms. W! We're in you're room!
W: I don't know what the S*** you're talking about!! I can't even remember what happened two seconds ago.
Jordan: Ms. W, this IS your room, this is all your stuff.
W: Well, d**m. Get me the h*** outta this dungeon.

*Don't worry, y'all. Dementia is not a funny disease. But we LOVE Ms. W, she's a hoot. She's always angry, but her words are priceless.

Nursing homes tend to be a bit depressing, once you learn to laugh and learn from these people, time flies by. Chris and I come home and quote residents ALL night, it is hilarious. Such a fun experience.