Don't mean to disappoint, but...

this post won't be as entirely exciting as my last post alluded to it being. Mostly because I am exhausted and a bit overwhelmed, but don't worry..there are hints of excitement on the inside. I promise.

1. Interning=still great, a lot to learn and still getting adjust to the flow of things.
2. My emotional state=can't decide if it wants to be depressed about the evil people in the world or rest in the fact that God is still sovereign..
3. House Church=it's official. The Lilleypad is hoppin. (Few will understand this reference.) Pumped about the awesomeness that is this year.
4. School schedule=shoot me in the hand. Probs the most difficult semester of them all. (Bonus: at least my last semester will seem easy in comparison.)
5. Husband=rocks my face off. Have I mentioned that I haven't cooked a meal in who knows how many days. I love to cook, people. This is not normal. AKA, busy schedule ( husband rocks my face off), and I am so stinkin' grateful he is such an amazing/willing chef.
6. I decided two seconds ago that I AM going to cook a fabulous dinner tonight for him to come home to. My soul needs it.
7. Espanol= Es muy dificil y no comprendo......y estoy asustado.
8. Is it acceptable to take a nap before making dinner?

On that note..