Insanity-Day 1

This is the INSANE workout called Insanity that everyone has been talking about. It's supposed to be the hardest one out there, and Chris and I started it today. It's 60 days of working out (with a day of rest each week) and I can honestly say I have never sweat so much in my entire life as we did the first day (and the first day wasn't even the full work out, it was just the "Fit Test" so that we can mark our progress every two weeks. My entire body is sore, but we love it. The best part about it is that Chris, being a health science major, knows all about the best work outs to do to see results..and all of these are the ones he's talked about since I've known him...they are just condensed into a ridiculously hard and condensed set. They don't require ANY weights or mats or all that jazz, just your body! I will admit though, you have to be in SOMEWHAT descent shape before you start..otherwise it would be WAY too demotivating. Also, we both tend to enjoy the "it hurts so good" workouts involving a lot of sweat. And tears. (Kidding about the tears.) (But I'll probably cry tomorrow.)

Here goes! :)