Meet my husband.

..who is actually a bear preparing for hibernation. Seriously, people..we are NOT winter folk. I admire friends such as the Lilley's (holla Aaron and Kim) who thrive in their cute flannel outfits and their love for the crisp winter air.

To us, all we notice are dead trees and the lack of fresh fruit (or affordable fresh fruit for that matter), the inability to breathe normally outside, and the extra time it takes to wear 254 layers and then shed them/put them back on as necessary. The one good thing about winter--is how much more excited and grateful I am when it turns to Spring. Sorry. Looks like we've just knocked out a large portion of the US in terms of future places of residence. (Kidding, I hope that God doesn't use this to call us to live somewhere frigid and to rely on him for sanity...never say never I suppose. *Cough, mom, Columbia, cough.)

Sorry. Digression. Okay. Thus, every time I come home lately, Chris has one of these:

Bring on the canning and the preserving and the eating of good fruits and things alllllllll year! :) I promise we won't turn Scrooge-y all winter. ;) We're just silly kids who love the warm sunshine.

Apple butter and peach preserves for Christmas gifts, anyone? :D