Insanity Update!

Talking about Insanity makes me feel like a super fitness crazed individual that's obsessed with body image--I can assure you, I am not. Nor have I ever been. My goal in exercising has never been to "look better," but has always been to relieve stress and to do good things for my body! Unfortunately, the culture of our country likes to think that exercise is just a means of looking "good," and barely goes below the surface of vanity.

Personally, I think people would think otherwise if we could all look into the INSIDES of our bodies instead of the outsides. If we could actually see our bodies processing the food we put inside them, could physically see what a lack of exercise does to the organs and muscles and blood flow on the inside...more would make time for it!

Good thing I have my health science husband to remind me of all these things when I'm curious about them (which is often.)

That being said: Insanity, I highly HIGHLY recommend it. I want to retract the statement I made at the beginning about needing to be in descent shape to start. Yes-it would be more motivating that way (which is why I said it) BUT, there are ways to do it in a more low impact way so that you can work up to the point they are at in the video. In fact, we had to take a small break when Chris was getting over his sickness and when he started back he took it easy so his body could recover, and he still got a good work out.

So, there is a way to track your progress through Insanity by these things called "Fit Tests." The fit test is a workout in itself, but goes through a list of exercises that you are to complete while COUNTING how many you're doing. You write it down, and then every two weeks throughout the Insanity schedule, you do it again and watch how you've improved. We are closing in our the time where we will be doing our second fit test so that we can compare it with our first time, and I'll be sure to post both of our scores so you can see the difference!!

Besides that, we both have freakish amounts of energy and feel so good all the time due to the release of toxins that happens when you sweat that much! (You can always shower, people..sweat is GOOD for you!) We can also see physical differences too, which is a plus. :) All around, it's just a very well designed work out that has put my "normal gym routines" to shame. We're both probably going to rely on Insanity for working out for many many years, and the best part is your living room becomes your gym, and you don't need ANY equipment other than your body! :) Can't beat it. We'll post the fit tests results soon! Need a motivational boost? Go watch Supersize Me. Haha.