JOB! and other things.

I guess I haven't written on here sine Chris GOT HIRED! Oh my gracious, it has been so amazing to not have to budget so severely anymore, but we have learned a lot about living off of very little income, and I am confident that if we ever need to again we will be prepared. Chris and I feel extremely strongly about not ever going into debt, and even though we've only been married four-ish months, we're practicing what we preach! Chris has seen so much pain in his life that is very connected to the financial burdens of people very close to him, and I will do anything I can to support him and steer us away from that type of chaos. I was never one of those people who thought that God would just drop money on our doorstep/mailbox/etc. But rest assured, it happens. We never relied on that money, and the whole time we were searching for work, but He knew that the perfect job for Chris was just around the corner.

If you don't believe in material blessings--come over. I'll give you a bajillion examples. And when I say literally dropping money off on our doorstep, I mean it. He "is faithful and will not let you be tested beyond what you can handle..He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it(!!!!!)"

That being said, now that he got hired, we're not sure what is going to happen with going to Nicaragua. We are still waiting to hear back from his employer, but we're just praying that all goes well and that God's will will be done. As most of you know, Chris and I feel really really really called and connected to this trip, so we're just not sure what is in store with this new job.

BUT, how grateful we are for it. It still hasn't set in that this is real, but this job is such a blessing. And TONIGHT, our favorite pregnant couple-DAVID AND LEAH are here! :) So bonfire, laughs, and hugs are on our agenda for the night. YAY!