Well. Today might just be one of greatest days ever because THIS stupid device is out of my body.

It hurt. But that's okay. Because I was going to have to chop of my whole arm if they didn't take it out soon. Fact: my body just can NOT do hormonal ANYTHING. Makes sense, right? I feel so much better knowing that I can now be aware of my body in it's natural state. It's funny how good it feels to go back to the way things were intended to be in the first place. (Imagine that.)

Okay, so maybe I almost threw up in the doctor's office (big baby), but my sweet husband was there to distract me with his dance moves and weird yoga positions while we waited (shhh, don't tell them.)

OH, and he also made me some rockin' celebratory pancakes.

Is it acceptable to go contra dancing with one arm? I'm going to.