Things I love.

Listening to my husband do random things around the house. Because the things he says when he does stuff like cleaning the bathroom cabinets out (right now) are hilarious. I'm literally typing this as he is talking (indirectly to me I guess?) I would like to add this this is occurs frequently in our household.

Chris: OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS?....can we condense them? (as in pour them into one container..)

I admit, I have too many. Mainly because I put "lotion" down on the mandatory Tate-Christmas-list-on-gmail last year because I thought it was relatively inexpensive and easy...and then everyone got me lotion.

Chris: How the heck did this fuse-ball ball get into my container?

Chris: WHAT IS THIS!? Oh waiittt...I remember. It was the experiment I did with baking soda.

I have no idea what that was about.

Chris: (begins singing..) "I'm bringin sexy bacckkkkk...YEP..."

Chris: *Sets small ambiguous spray bottle down beside me.*
Me: What is it?
Chris: It says Linen Spray....?
Chris: [in robot voice]

Chris: (begins singing..) "Caliente chiccaaa, en mi apartment-ayyyy"

Chris: *runs quickly into kitchen* "I NEED BACKUP." *Rips paper towel off and runs back in.

(Jeez, how messy were our cabinets...)

Chris: [mexican accent] We will nay-ver have to look for anyyytheeeng ever agaaaain!!

Okay, that's enough. I better stop typing so my heart doesn't melt any further into the floor. I love my husband.