This won't make sense unless you read the post below it.

I'm writing this approximately 24 hours after I wrote the above post. And I'm just gonna show ya how PRAYERS are straight up answered in tremendous ways.

SO-after I wrote the post (I admit, I was a little anxious/worried, despite the confidence and peace exuding from my writing (wishful thinking?)) I went to do some preliminary house/apartment shopping, as Chris works really weird hours and I needed to get a head start so he could have the opportunity to come if I found something. I knew that all of the places available were NOT posted online. Good thing, cause there were only like 2 places that were what we were looking for.

I went to a real estate properties place to make life easier, and walk to the door and a nice little sign says "We close Monday at 2." It was DEFINITELY after 2. That didn't help my worry. (That's what I get for worrying.)

SO, I head to the next properties building and BOOM-she hands me a master list of ALL of the properties they have available in the near future. Considering we have to move in the near NEAR future, I had to go through the list and cross out basically anything that was available after January. Technically it might have worked...but not very smoothly. I was left with four choices.

Went to the first one (and cheapest one): All I can say was it was a big no. Not safe, Chris would NOT have let me stay home alone there.
Second one: eh, okayish, but still not that great. (Mind you, I'm making these assumption from my car as I can't go inside because "you have to make appointments to tour 24 hours in advance"..the lady tells me.)
Third one: Definitely the location we wanted. Definitely the price we wanted. I take my pen to jot down how it looks and where it is to remind myself when I talk to Chris later that night, when I look up and a lady is approaching my window. It wasn't as creepy as that sounds.

I rolled down my window.
Her: "Are you looking for me???"
Me: ".....No.....?" (my fault, I pulled into a random parking space and apparently it was right in front of her apartment door.)
Her: Oh, well...can I help you with something?
Me Thinking: *Jeez lady...I literally just pulled in, I'm just writing*
Me actually: Um, well, my husband and I are having to move we're just checking out some possibilities.
Her: "OH! Well, wanna see the apartments? I'm the on-site property manager and I have the keys to the empty apartments."
Me Thinking: Jesus, forgive me for judging this sweet elderly lady, and also..don't let her be a psycho or something.
Me actually: "What!? That would be awesome!!!"

She opened the empty available apartment for me. PERFECTION. Totally spacious, two bedrooms, Big kitchen, in our price range, great location. Bam. Done. When is it available? "ASAP." More done. Next on the list: tell Chris, set up a time for him to go and look, and see if he approves.

We went this morning. He felt the same way about it (Yay, marriage!) We signed the lease. We're moving the weekend of December 16th.

Yep. That just happened.

SOOOOO, who is going to help us move!?!?!?!? :D