Exciting Tate Family Festivities!

1. We're moving in ONE WEEK! :)
2. Jordan is done with classes, only 3 exams left!
3. Nicaragua is happening in less than 3 weeks!!
4. We can finally get our Christmas tree once we move :)
5. After Nicaragua, our family will be expanding by ONE!...one dog. :)
6. Jordan gets to finally do all the crafty things she wants to do over Christmas break :)
7. Marriage is awesome!!!!!
8. Swing dance tomorrow!

Holla, holla! :)

Oh! And. Now that we have a tablet, we have made a (silly) commitment to start taking videos every now and again. We want to get in the habit long before we have kiddos so we can upload them to a youtube channel and share hilarious things with you. Never thought we'd join the youtube train...

That is all. Have a fantastic Friday.