DIY: Shoe Upgrade!

My mom found this idea on This awesome blog, and I had almost the exact same pair of white shoes from when Chris and I took a Nurse Aide class together in the summer. I definitely wasn't planning on wearing them again and the white was already fading! These shoes can usually be found at Wal-mart, Target, and I've even seen them at the Dollar Store for really cheap. All you do is:

-Remove the laces
-Pick your dye! (I got mine at Wal-mart for less than $2.
-Rinse the shoes with cold water while you heat up a pot of water
-Once the water is steaming, add your dye, then add your shoes!
-If the pot isn't big enough, dye them one at a time, just be sure to time it so they end up being the same shade
-I left mine in for about 10 minutes as I didn't want them too bright.
-Rinse well, and let air dry (or throw them in the dryer!)
-Sew a short piece of a elastic under the tongue of the shoe to prevent a loose fit from the lack of laces. (For more specific directions on this, go to the Sweet Verbena blog listed above.)
-Enjoy your new kicks.