Thank you, Post.

One of the strongest memories I had of Chris (before we ever dated)...was his love for cereal. Like clockwork, midnight or so would roll around, and I'd be at his apartment hanging out with all our friends, and there he would go-off to the kitchen for his last meal before bed.

It. was. always. cereal.

Every. Night. This is not a joke. I seriously wondered how the man could eat the same exact food every night before bed. This love has not faded. Years later, here we are. Married. And stocked with (multiple) cereal(s) at all times.

So in honor of this love, I thought I'd share a snippet of my life with you that reflects the true nature of my cereal lovin' man.

chris:i wrote to Post
to thank them for switching back to natural flavors
I haven't had that cereal in like 6 years
man, its so exciting
Sent at 9:59 AM on Thursday
me: hahahahahahha

Also. I wasn't laughing that he wrote to Post. I was laughing at how excited he was. It was a good laugh. I'm not a terrible wife. I love these moments.