Update before la fin de semana!

I feel like I can't even WRITE because I'm so addicted to the Hunger Games series. I realize I'm a little late jumpin' on this train. But let's face it, I don't have loads of free time. Also. I know that when I get sucked in to a book series I can barely even escape to eat. Yes, it's that bad.

On a side note..the Hunger Games DO help me out in my attempts to complete Insanity a second time. I went on a rampage and looked up youtube videos of people that had done it twice in a row..then after I read the first book I was so pumped to get in better shape just in case I need to scale trees or hunt beasts or something. (Do you see what I'm talking about.) I'll be posting updates and results--I'm mildly addicted to Shaun T and Insanity. It's so good. Really. You should try it. It makes you feel like you could run a marathon without breakin' a sweat.

So basically, all I have to say is if I have to live in my awesomesauce book-like dream-world for a hot minute..I might as well be gettin' fit at the same time. I feel like this should allow me to promote myself to the status of an active-nerd instead of a couch-potato/sit-in-a-dark-corner-and-read-nerd.

On another note, my hubs and I are headed up to Asheville, NC in a few minutes to have a little couples weekend in a house with some friends who have moved away from our little college town! It's going to be such a sweet reunion. I'll be taking loads of pictures. (I really WISH I was taking the next book. But I might get disowned if I do.) I apologize for the completely rando-post. This is what happens to my brain after too much school work and severe novel addiction. Back Monday! Hollaholla.