Valentines + 9 months + I'm the luckiest girl ever.

I started a post the day before Valentines about how we have never really thought Valentines was a big deal. BUT, our 9 months of marriage (today) is obviously the day after valentines..and that's totally worth celebrating.

Then I got COMPLETELY shown up by Christopher who came home with all kinds of valentines treats for me plus an adorable handmade card and dinner. Ugh. I'm so lame. (Not my fault though, the day before we totally discussed how we weren't going to make Valentines a big deal. Cheater.)

Anyways, luckily I bought some sparkling wine and made chocolate covered strawberries so I didn't turn out lookin' like a complete fool. Not that he would have cared. BUT..the point is-I shouldn't have almost dissed Valentines day, because we had a blast picnic-ing in the living room. Here are a few pictures. :)

The goods: cutest card ever, BAMBOO (can't stand roses..he knows me so well. PLUS the vase contains my favorite color combo), CHOCOLATE, and.....for those wondering what the weird looking cylinder contains..they are prunes (inside joke..maybe I'll have to explain that later.)

Grosssssssss. Sorry.

This is what we normally look like.

So check this crazy thing out. My favorite flower is the hibiscus. This is the sparkling wine
I bought, and Chris dropped a hibiscus flower in it that had been jarred in syrup. Sounds weird and gross, but look how pretty it is! AND it adds just the slightest hint of fruity aftertaste because of the syrup. How cool is that.

I shoulda taken a picture of the living room too, it was pretty decked out. I get obsessive over pictures so I had to cut myself off. :) Anyways. FUN.