Aw shoot...

I'm starting to like our guest bedroom more than our room. LAME. :( So here's the thing. I LOVE decorating rooms and I love super simple non-flashy things. And we LOVE finding cool things at thrift stores (such as desks and end tables) and fixing them up.

So, when we moved in--we didn't have a bed for the guest room for a while. It was starting to turn into our "storage" room which is not good at all for wanting to have guests come stay. Enough was enough, we decided. However, not much was going to change until we got a bed in there to spur on some craftiness.

I digress. We got a bed. Also, I wanted it to be my "crafty/studying" room when it isn't in use (isn't my hubby the best...) so I wanted it to be simple enough and uncluttered so it doesn't explode into what my room looked like for the majority of my childhood (sorry, Mom. Believe it or not...I can't get much work done with things cluttered everywhere anymore.) The point is, now it's basically done. And it's so simple and so pretty and I find myself just sitting in there for the heck of it sometimes wondering what Chris would say if I asked him if we could switch rooms. Ha!

If only we could paint, it'd be ten times better, but I found a way to work with the stupid yellow that it is. Oh well.

SWEET desk we found at a consignment shop--perfect size. And the top is now chalkboard to match the chair. (surprise surprise...)

He doesn't come with the room. But he's always lookin' mischievous.

Bed, and my favorite part--the love notes on the walls. :) I strung them up and put my favorite bible verses on each one...I'm kind of obsessed with it. (And there's Pax in the corner bein' sketchy as usual.)

And let's just talk about this for a minute. I FINALLY DID A PINTEREST PROJECT THAT I LOVE-but I did it for the guest room. Maybe this is why I love this room so much. It's the little things. I stinkin' love these book mobiles.

See, nothin' too fancy. I just love the colors and the hanging books and the wall of love. I better find a pinterest project for OUR room pretty soon so I can stop hatin' on it.