Pre-spring break week update!

1. Chris and I got back late Sunday night from Charleston where we went to a wedding with my family. LOVE. WEDDINGS. I'm pretty much crazy about marriage-and this couple in particular reminds me a lot of myself and Chris in the way they approached and were looking forward to marriage! Needless to say, it was beautiful, and I loved how Chris squeezed my hand during the vows when they said some of the same things we reminded me of how much value Chris put on the writing and exchanging of our vows.

2. I'm REALLY looking forward to spending time with my sissy in law this weekend-she's crafty and we have the same sense of we're probably going to sit around and do all sorts of crafty things. Then when we get tired we'll go take pictures because she's a photo junkie too. How awesome is that! I'm sure there will be a post up after she leaves of a plethora of projects.

3. Chris and I are coming up on TEN MONTHS of marriage. Holy Bajolies! People keep telling me we're only considered newlyweds for 1 year. I say NO. We'll act like newlyweds foreva. (Don't tell me it can't be done, my parents are a prime example. Boom. Roasted.)

4. Speaking of my awesomesauce husband--he sings a lot and I love it. But, my love for his singing reached a new level when I caught him singing Adele's, "Set Fire To the Rain." No, seriously..that man is the cutest one on the planet. Don't fight that fact. I'll win.

5. My Mommy is coming to spend a day of my spring break with me in good ole' Pendleton=we're going to browse antique stores till we drop. Pendleton has THE BEST ones ever. (I'm SO excited, Momma!)

6. I commented on the post before about being super bummed about not being able to do a lot of cool stuff to our apartment because we're renting and that's a waste. Funny how things work out, our friends just bought a house so I've been helping with painting and stuff and living vicariously through them because they love all the same stuff we do. (Kim, I'm stealing all the same colors for when we move.)

7. Only 3 days of classes stand in my way until the last spring break I'll ever have! Bittersweet.

8. My little broski is sick but he's supposed to leave for a mission trip this weekend-pray for him!

9. In 2 weekends Chris and I are going on a tiny getaway for the weekend..the first one since we've been married! (I mean the first getaway with just the two of us.) That weekend is also the weekend the first hunger games movie comes out. Perfect. Thanks, Living Social deals. You're the only way Chris and I can afford stuff like this. :)

10. It bothers people sometimes when lists don't go to 10. Why? I only had 9 things so stop making me feel bad.