Spring Soap-box

I just need to get this out.

Body Fat Percentage and inches mean EVERYTHING. Weight does NOT.

I've been doing Insanity for a while now, and every now and then when I'm feeling super demotivated, I go on youtube to watch insanity transformations. I know. I'm nerdy, and I'm not even trying to reach some crazy body type goals--I just really love working out and watching videos of people talking about Insanity forces me to work out for the day.

In so many of the videos (and in so many conversations around campus leading up to spring break/summer) I hear, "well, I've only lost [insert minimal amount of weight] but I've been at this for [insert specific amount of time.]"

For instance, this sweet girl talking about her insanity adventures was hesitant about sharing how much weight she lost and even sounded a little ashamed of it because the number was so small. But when she showed her before and after pictures she looked like a completely different person. She had to have lost at least a few inches off her waist and I would imagine a good percentage of body fat...she concluded by saying "well, I guess it was only two months long...I'm probably starting another program soon."

If you weigh 140 and are 25% body fat..you're way more unfit than the person that's 155 and only 22% body fat...and even dropping 1% of body fat is a HUGE accomplishment. Weight means next to nothing (unless it's being used ALONG WITH body fat percentages,) and I'm not just saying that-Chris is a wellness specialist and harps on this all the time.

Stop using a scale. Go get a scale that also measure body fat percentage or get a digital body fat caliper. I can almost guarantee I gained a pound or two during my first few weeks of insanity-but I dropped an entire pant size.

Muscle weighs more than fat.

I am done.
Just please. Stop using the scale.
I guarantee you'll start feeling WAY better about your workouts/healthier eating habits if you do.