End of newlywed season??? And haircutting.

I just realized that Chris and I are only true newlyweds for two more months.

Good thing I shared my outrage with a friend because we decided it's okay to call yourselves newlyweds forever. Not really forever, but mostly just for two years.

Anyways, I haven't written anything here in forever. I've been (happily) swamped with photography, and (unhappily) swamped with the end of my college career. Regardless, I realized while walking to class today that it is getting WAY TOO HOT for my hair to be as long as it is.

Therefore, I'm letting my awesome husband cut it. Before you cringe, know that he is super detail-oriented. Anyways, I just love the way that he talks about "girl things" because it's so genuine because he really cares and wants to talk about it, but it's also hilarious. Example: Earlier I was sending him links of how I want it cut. I guess he ended up straying from the hair cutting links and looking at "hairstyles." Later, he says this:

Chris: remember when i was saying i like updo's
i think its the "messy twist" that i like
where random chunks of hair are sticking out
Sent at 7:21 PM on Tuesday

Ahhh hahahahha. "Random chunks of hair." Love it. It's like man language for feminine hair styles. Anyways, I'll post pictures at the least...but I'm hoping we can get this situation on video..because I'm pretty sure it's going to be hilarious.