Our weekend!

UGH! I am so mad at myself for not taking any pictures this weekend! (Of Chris and I...) Sometimes I feel super lame going to grab the camera to take pictures of the really lame stuff we do, but I know I'm going to be upset when I don't have the lame stuff documented. So I'm promising myself right now-I WILL take more pictures! I love to take them of everyone else-just always forget to take them of myself. Poop.

K. On to the weekend..here's a (non-picture) recap. (Bummer.)
1. Got to spend SO MUCH TIME with my crazy awesome husband who worked SO many long days this week. I think we went to sleep before 10 every night because he was so tired. (Is it still cute that we don't go to sleep without each other yet or does that add to our lameness?) Anyways, we went on a hot date Friday night in Anderson because I had to pick him up from work. So fun!

2. It rained A LOT this weekend which was kind of perfect considering we wanted to spend quality time with each other. The last few weekends we were either gone, super busy, or had guests come stay (which was a blast..) but we were excited for a weekend with no concrete plans.

3. Therefore, we watched a few episodes of Prison Break...which we are obsessed with and yes we DO realize that show is not even on anymore. Or...that a lot of people haven't even heard of it. We're on season 1. We don't have cable but we have a couple shows we watch consistently on Hulu or Amazon video...(New Girl, The Voice, and now Prison Break.) But seriously, this show is addicting and it's perfect for rainy Saturdays.

4. The rain finally backed off enough for me to not have to reschedule a photo shoot with this super cute family. They were so flexible and changed plans within about an hour and a half to make this work. (We weren't sure what the weather was going to decide to do.) AND Chris came as my assistant which helps SO much with families with younger kids. What a man.

5. It was my brother's turn to drum this week so Chris and I finally got to sleep in on Sunday and get ready for church together! I love when he drums, but it's always a nice break to have a slower morning.

6. DCF's annual film fest was last night so we get to dress up and laugh a lot. We actually DID dress up this year. Last year, this happened:

On a different note..there's a new format for blogger and now when I log on it shows my "page stats" which is always a bit weird to me to see how many people read this thing. Who are you people!? Kidding--most people tell me when they read it but it's silly because I feel like I never really have anything exciting to say. So, now you're caught. 'fess up. But seriously, leave some love! I hope there will be pictures next time. Sorry.