Happy First Anniversary to us! + some photos

I usually apologize about my sappy posts, but I'm actually not going to this time. For one, this is my blog. For two, with a divorce rate like 50% shoved in our faces, we SHOULD be celebrating and talking about the great things about marriage! So this is a little post about this very special day, and you're going to LIKE it. Kidding.

We've compiled a list of things we have done (and haven't done) this year, as well as a mini-bucket list for next year.

-In 1 year, we still haven't slept apart. No business-y trips, weird occasions that require us to be separate (? do those exist?) or any other such thing. We don't think it's bad to sleep apart, we just don't want to yet, nor do we have a reason. In the future I'm sure we will..but hey. 1 year!
-For 365 days, we have not gone to sleep without kissing goodnight. We're trying to keep this up for good! (Until the time comes where we have to sleep in different places.) This may not be that unusual, we're really not sure..we tend not to ask our friends things like this, haha...although we do know some pretty hilarious/awesome things about our married friends (cough, Lilleys.)
-In a year, we've been to 4 states and 1 other country for various reasons. I realize this isn't impressive. We are dying to travel.
-We've experienced moving 3 different times! The exclamation mark makes me feel a little better about it. Moving is a pain in the butt.
-We went on our first international mission trip together.
-Chris got his first big person job. :)
-We took a CNA class together and got to go to clinicals together every day=so much fun.
-We got a hilarious pet.

There are too many things, I'm going to move on to the mini-bucket list.
1. Harry Potter World/Universal Studios
2. Get a dog
3. Get into nursing school (Chris)
4. Visit D.C. together
5. Backpacking in Europe
6.Acquire good road bikes for some bike travelling/camping/hammock sleeping adventures
7. Have more dance parties.

K. Now, some pictures of our morning.

I'm really bad at self-timer. But the accidental un-focusedness looks pretty neat-o, I guess.

Chris made buckwheat+blueberry+chocolate chip pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Mmmmmm.

I kind of like how you can see the scratches on our rings..getting all aged and stuff. 

Oh, heyyyyy sleepy morning faces and big monster hair!

He's part of the fam too, but he just always looks sassy.

I wish I could be hanging out WITH Chris instead of writing this, but he has work or whatever so here I am. Excited for him to get home!!