I am alive.

and it is my last finals week ever.

and I have 3 more to go.

and Chris is the best guy EVER for getting up with me every morning and making me coffee and breakfast. (Not just during exam week, either..I hope I never take that for granted)

I've been getting a lot of photography business lately, and I'm still hoping I get enough to fill up a good portion of the summer. Doing this full time=my dream.

Patience is key.

In case you were wondering, Chris and I totally failed at our first attempt to make a video of our day (Saturday.)

We watched videos of others who have done this and it made us mad that we failed. I think we're motivated now. It's going to happen.

But not this weekend, because my sweet friends are finally getting married! Celebration! I'm so pumped to photograph it. The location is SO dreamy looking. Can't wait to post some. (Speaking of, I've had her bridal portraits done for a while and it has been torture not to share them.)

I know people like to hate on cats because dogs are cooler and whatever, but I'm really thankful for our little kitty. He's super hilarious.

I still can't wait to get a dog.

Chris will be applying to nursing school soon! (Fingers crossed for MUSC) but we'll be happy no matter what happens.

I still have a secret desire to open an esty store, and Chris says I should..but I just want to focus on photography for now. (Patience is key.)

Every once in a while though, I find myself making new save the date samples and other fun graphic projects...one day. At least I can still make them for some of my favorite people, like Mandy who is getting married next year!

Off to study! Video up soon! Maybe.