I apologize.

I apologize for the nastiness that is about to ensue. HOWEVER-this was one of those things that is too ridiculous not to share, I think. Chris and I moved into our apartment in the frigid month of December before we got to go to the not so frigid beautiful country of Nicaragua. (Good gosh, I want to go back.) Anyways, clearly it was too cold and terribly unnecessary to turn our AC unit on. And we totally didn't use our heat at all (all winter) because we are beastly (truth) and also because are apartment is relatively small and we own an awesomesauce little space heater and we also cook a lot using the stove which happens to heat the whole apartment quite nicely and ALSO we're married now so we can snuggle all the time for warmth(truth. Thank God.) I apologize for that run on sentence. It was necessary information.

That is besides the point. The point now is that it is getting SUPA hot around here and considering it hit like 120 degrees in March this year, I'm pretty sure we are going to FRY this summer. Well, yesterday we decided to turn the AC on for the first time for a few minutes to cool the home off before bed. 3 seconds later I wanted to puke as well as temporarily lose my sense of smell because our AC was pumpin' out moldy-poop like air. This is a HUGE exaggeration. But it did smell moldy and dusty.

I turned that bad boy off in a hurry and ran around like a crazy person trying to get the windows open. And then, AND THEN-I opened the little vent thing...and this is what I found:

A couple of things:
 1. Seriously? Gross.
 2. The yellow thing is a part of a cup. Clearly the people here before us had some crazy ragers and thought
 that this location would be nice as a cupholder.
 3. Gross.

So, I snapped this work of art and went with my fine hunk of a husband to turn in a maintenance request. I showed the secretary the picture. Her face probably looked the way yours did just a second ago when you looked at this. She said, "Hmmm, we might possibly need to service that." I said, "Good observation, Dr. Watson," in my head but in reality I said, "I agree."

Informing all of you of this situation is and was my study break for the day. You're welcome.

*Side-note, I'm super thankful for our apartment, I love it. If we didn't love it we wouldn't have broken our lease to move here. I'm also thankful that I even have the luxury of an AC system. I would just also love it if I didn't die early of mold poisoning.